Have you purchased Solar PV / Solar Panels and the earnings and savings received were not as you were promised?

Mis-sold Solar?

Dishonest and aggressive sales techniques left you with a bitter taste?
Were you sold Solar PV on finance and told it would pay for itself – and did not?
WHICH say 9 out of 12 Solar firms gave inaccurate financial estimates

What happens when you get in touch?

We contact you to discuss your potential claim
We pay and arrange for a survey, which often finds problems with your solar system
The Financial lender is accountable for issues found
Usually, surveys show little benefit in purchasing after repaying the finance!
You could get a full refund of all payments made and the entire loan written off
You keep your solar panels and we ensure the Financial Lender honours your Warranty agreement too.

Start your claim now...

  • We obtain a survey entirely paid up front by ourselves that is only billable to a client upon a successful claim.
    Our surveys generally reveal hidden issues with client’s PV systems exceeding £5,000 to rectify.
  • These issues are becoming more serious over time and if left untreated can result in escalating costs and even the failure of the systems. This can lead to clients having no recourse from the solar company who sold the system if the solar company has ceased to trade.
  • Not only do we hold any lender who has financed the purchase accountable for the issues with the solar system but the majority of our surveys demonstrate little benefit in purchasing the systems after repaying the finance. As such we can obtain remedies such as full refunds of all payments made and loan balances being entirely written off.
  • Where lenders are made accountable for the issues we can also make them honour the warranty periods that would have prevailed if the solar companies were still in business thus providing peace of mind for our customers for the future.

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