30% pa return – Law Firm Funding.

Who are Rowan Rose Solicitors?

We are a niche law firm with a track record in settling cases boasting a success rate in excess of 99 percent.

We are continually seeking case acquisition costs and disbursement funding from private investors to assist us with the cost of acquiring cases and costs of litigation. We have received an investment of over half a million pounds from satisfied investors to date, however, due to our success rate, in obtaining settlements, we are continually expanding as a law firm and as such, require further funding, which will enable us to acquire and process more cases in a shorter period of time.

Why are we offering such high returns?

Legal practice funding is commonplace throughout the legal sector, however it is generally brokered by funding institutions. Whilst our returns may appear to be exceptionally good, we are simply cutting out the middleman. Traditionally investors would never see such returns because brokers commission levels are as high as 70% with law firms being provided with funding at up to 49% p.a. By cutting out the middleman we are able to offer far greater returns to our investors, whilst also reducing the cost to our firm.


For more information please contact Tathir Hussain by calling 0161 505 0150 or emailing tathir.hussain@rowanrose.co.uk

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