Commencing legal action can be daunting for individuals, particularly when such action is to be brought against an often large and well resourced Defendant. By joining forces with others and sharing information, risk and costs, Group Litigation redresses the balance and grants access to justice which may have otherwise been unachievable.


No single approach can be adopted to suit all clients as every client will have their own specific needs and requirements. However, at Rowan Rose Solicitors we like working with groups, and even if your claim does not meet the legal and technical criteria laid down for a formal multi-party action, we strive to treat you like a group to offer similar benefits. 


Our Group and Specialist Litigation Team are highly skilled and experienced, having played prominent roles in the furthering of the largest Group Litigation Order in Europe, representing over 20,000 Kenyan Nationals in pursuing from the British Government for atrocities committed against them during the 1950's. Our expert team have also represented clients in Group Litigation who have suffered losses as a result of faulty breast implants, factory fires and mis-sold financial products.


Rowan Rose is currently investigating bringing Group Litigation on behalf of clients for;

  • Annuity mis-selling
  • Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) mis-selling
  • IVA mis-selling
  • Pension Release / Unlocking Claims
  • Undisclosed Commission Claims
  • Unfair Relationship Claims

If you feel you have been unfairly treated and/or you think you may have a claim in common
with other individuals or organisations, contact Rowan Rose and arrange a free initial
consultation with one of our Group and Specialist Litigation team.