If you have installed Cavity Wall Insulation in your property and are now experiencing damp and other problems then the insulation has not been installed properly and you have been mis-sold.

If you are experiencing damp and other problems from your Cavity Wall Insulation then your property will be experiencing substantial damage including condensation, rotten woodwork, structural damage as well as damage to interior decorations and furnishings.

Millions of homes in the UK have been insulated with cavity wall insulation but many are experiencing problems due to either:
-  The cavity wall insulation used was not suitable for your property due to several things including the location of your home
-  The cavity of your home should have been cleaned before the insulation was installed as it may already have been filled with rubble
-  The insulation may not have been installed correctly
-  Your home may have already had insulation installed
-  Your home was just not suitable for any type of cavity wall insulation.

If you have cavity wall insulation installed in your property and you believe it is causing problems, then we may be able to claim compensation from the company that fitted it or their insurers and recover the cost of the installation, materials and getting your home back to the way it used to be.

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